NIK SAWE is a young writer who has studied the nature of the wolf for many years, and is a strong proponent of animal rights. He lives in Los Altos, California and is currently working on a second book.





JOAN CLOUT-KRUSE has more than 30 years of experience in Corporate America, including management positions at Stanford University and UC Berkeley. Clout-Kruse knows the challenges facing management and working professionals.

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Wolf Trails

by Nik Sawe

In an inspirational wildlife saga for young readers, the Copperlieaf wolf pack is imprisoned and experimented upon by a heartless scientist. They escape, only to encounter a world of persecution and hatred. When hunted by an entire town, the pack proves its nobility of spirit and gains the help of a mysterious friend who shares their canine heredity. A greater destiny awaits these mystical predators, if only humankind will allow it.





Top 10 traits of silicon valley dynamos

Inspiring Stories and Great Ideas for Achieving Success in Your Life

by Joan Clout-Kruse

Learn the secrets of Silicon Valley achievers! One of America's top experts on corporate management and self-actualization, Joan Clout-Kruse tells the compelling stories of entrepre-neurs who realized their wildest dreams. And so can you!

Learn how they:

Thrive on change | Break down personal barriers to success | Reinvent themselves and their work | Confront the unknown and master their fears | Expand their comfort zone | Maximize enthusiasm!

This book reveals the secrets of Silicon Valley achievers and shows how you can turn your potential into success.


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